Here are 3 AI Sessions to Catch at HR Tech

Increasingly, HR departments are working with standard metrics, predictive tools and other intelligent applications with the overall responsibility for all of HR’s data. With all the focus on numbers, it’s become apparent that HR leaders need to be well-versed in the field in order to bring bottom-line results to an organization.

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As the HR Tech Conference and Expo quickly approaches (Oct. 1-4 in at the Venetian in Las Vegas), now is the time to set your conference schedule, and here are three sessions you’ll want to attend to give you a better sense of the past, present and future of AI in HR:

Intelligent HR Tools: An Introduction to AI for HR

HR tech columnist John Sumser will debut the results of his third annual survey of intelligent tools and provide you with introductory definitions of them along with a broad look at use cases. He’ll explain how to handle bias in Artificial Intelligence and analytics, how to manage intelligent tools in your organization, and how to think about an algorithmic “health check.” You’ll leave with a grounded, research-backed understanding of the emerging market for AI tools for HR, and how to think about where and how AI tools may fit in your plans.

Elevating the Role of a Recruiter With Artificial Intelligence

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It’s predicted that technology will improve, change or even replace many of the tasks recruiters are currently performing all over the world, with 50% of recruiting activity to be automated in the next 3 to 5 years. What does this mean for the role of the recruiter? Big changes are on the horizon.

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How does Accenture stay ahead of the disruption? Sabrina Lucas and Tracey Patterson will talk about embracing human and machine collaboration to elevate the role of the recruiter to be talent coach and advisor. Find out how Accenture navigated the vast landscape of intelligent tools in recruiting to implement AI solutions to empower its business and help candidates navigate to the right opportunities.

Big Gains With AI in HR: How Companies are Winning

Megan Marie Butler will share with you a broad look at different technologies in action and examine a mix of case studies that take a practical look at how companies are finding wins with AI. She’ll wrap up by looking at the impact AI is already having, combined with professional and academic knowledge of the profession, to paint a picture of what the employee life cycle will look like in the future in terms of interactions with technology.

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