New Survey Identifies Pay, Diversity Gaps in HR

The HR industry itself is far from diverse, but there is reason for hope.
By: | February 20, 2019 • 2 min read
HR diversity

While HR teams are known for working hard to create an inclusive environment at organizations, new research by Namely reveals gaps in diversity, demographics and pay within the HR industry.


Namely found that gender pay inequality persists in HR, regardless of company size or job title. Other key findings include:

  • Among HR professionals, 71 percent are female and this divide may be growing, as women represented 67 percent of HR just last year.
  • While female HR practitioners earned $91,981 a year on average, their male counterparts earned almost 13 percent more, or $103,644. In other words, for every dollar male HR professionals earn, females earn just $0.89.
  • Additionally, 65 percent of HR professionals identify as white, with the next highest representations at 12 percent identified as Asian and 10 percent as Hispanic.