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80: Percentage of HR professionals who believe workplace technology helps support their role as a strategic contributor to the business

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Nearly all HR professionals say workplace technology helps support their role as a strategic contributor to the business, according to Paychex research. The payroll firm surveyed 575 HR decision-makers at U.S. companies with 50 to 500 employees.

What it means to HR leaders

The survey points to the importance HR professionals place on technology in the workplace. It’s a trend that’s growing during the COVID-19 pandemic as HR and company leaders turn to tech solutions to connect and engage remote workers.

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About seven in 10 (69%) HR professionals report that their budgets will increase this year, and technology tops the list (50%) of planned use for these additional funds, according to Paychex. A downward trend in manual-task approaches to HR also indicates that more HR professionals are integrating technology into their strategies. Compared with 2019, manual completion of rekeying of data is down 60%, and time spent manually merging data to inform decision-making is down more than 40%.

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Additionally, 79% of HR professionals say technology enables their workforce to be more efficient and productive.

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“Accelerated by new technology and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, the job descriptions of HR professionals are evolving to encompass high-level decision-making and managing complex tasks that contribute to overall business strategy and success,” says Alison Stevens, Paychex director of HR services. “The COVID-19 pandemic has put this shifting role into sharper focus as HR leaders have quickly risen to the challenge, adapting to meet the needs of their workforce, navigating new and changing legislation, and working closely with executives to plan for the future.”

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