HR Festival Asia Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Kusmanto

In advance of HR Festival Asia, we chat with one of the event's slated expert speakers.
By: | March 26, 2019 • 2 min read

In advance of HR Festival Asia, the region’s largest gathering of the HR and tech industries, HRM Asia will be chatting weekly with the thought-leaders, and visionaries who will be gracing the event.

To kick things off, we speak this week with Daniel Kusmanto, Global Head of HR Analytics at ASM International.

How would you describe yourself?

Data geek with passion for people.

What is your connection to HR?

I joined HR in 2012 from IT and have been practicing HR Analytics since then.


What’s the best part of your job?

There are a lot of decisions about people done day-to-day in corporations. Some are minor and some might have major impact.

Being able to help the company in making better decisions about people by providing an additional perspective from what the data tells us, is really what energizes and motivates me the most.

Making an impact to people’s lives while helping the company to prosper.

What are your passions in life, outside of your job?

Being a father of three kids, my passion revolves around my family.

Being able to spend quality time with them, playing a big role in their upbringing, and trying out new stuff together is what I am looking forward to outside my job.