Coronavirus resource spotlight: screening assessment

A look at a screening tool that is designed to help employers assess workers’ exposure risk for COVID-19.

What it is: Jvion and Augusta University Health System’s Back-to-Work Assessment

Designed by the provider of clinical AI in partnership with the Georgia-based health system, the tool solicits information from employees, such as about symptoms and other areas informed by CDC guidance, and uses AI to evaluate the risk of exposure and infection. It then delivers recommendations for the employer: Workers can be cleared to return, be asked to submit medical documentation or not cleared for return.

Why it’s helpful: As unprecedented as the global pandemic has been, so too is designing safe strategies for having employees return to workplaces. Jvion Chief Product Officer Dr. John Showalter says the tool’s ability to use AI–as part of the JvionCORE (Care Optimization and Recommendation Enhancement)–in concert with the self-reported data puts workplace safety at the forefront of any return strategy. “This allows employees to make the best decisions for themselves based upon their own health status, and provides the employer with the most up-to-date insights to help keep their employees safe,” he says.

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Other insights

As organizations explore how to keep workers engaged and productive throughout the adjustment period after they return, trust will be essential. Showalter notes that showing employees that the organization takes their health–and that of the entire workforce–seriously is a good first step toward that goal. “Employers will benefit from higher trust from their employees, less workplace-based cases of COVID-19,” and, he says, they also get prevention support through the tool on an ongoing basis.

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Jen Colletta
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