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HR Tech Check: Making life and work easier with technology

Jill Barthhttps://hrexecutive.com/
Jill Barth is HR Tech Editor of Human Resource Executive. She is an award-winning journalist with bylines in Forbes, USA Today and other international publications. With a background in communications, media, B2B ecommerce and the workplace, she also served as a consultant with Gallagher Benefit Services for nearly a decade. Reach out at [email protected].

Though it seems like generative tech tools are everywhere, not everyone in HR is constantly using AI. In fact, according to iHire’s 5th Annual State of Online Recruiting Report, less than 5% of nearly 500 surveyed organizations said they are using such tools in their recruitment efforts. Those who are putting AI to work (pun intended) are largely using it to screen applicants and write job descriptions. Everyone is busy, and there’s nothing artificial about getting time back in our day.

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For many users of generative AI, redirecting time is exactly the point. Who doesn’t want to spend their hours focused on the most rewarding tasks? That’s especially since chronic stress is common at work, according to The American Institute of Stress (yes, it’s a real thing), which reports that 94% of workers report feeling stress while working; having more time would likely be a relief for everyone.

What do you say we look at news about HR tech advancements that promise to make everyone’s day at the office a little easier?

HR tech in action at work

Now on to something that most of us rely on when we want an easier mealtime: a fast restaurant. Oracle Cloud is now working behind the scenes at Wendy’s. The 7,000-location restaurant chain consolidated 11 financial applications to increase productivity and improve controls, according to a recent news release.

How about making video meetings more pleasant? “From the beginning, our goal has been to improve the way people work on video by making it easier, less boring and more productive.” This is from mmhmm (also not a typo), a cool video presentation app for meetings and asynchronous recordings. The company recently announced new updates that include expanded visual options.

I’m eager to explore communication applications for HR leaders. Aixos HQ aims to streamline workplace communications, highlighting the potential relationship between humans and generative AI. I recently subscribed to AI HQ, a new series from Axios HQ, because I’m intrigued by how this dynamic unfolds in the daily lives of co-workers. The description promises that each episode of AI HQ will showcase a “titan or trailblazer of AI.” The inaugural episode will spotlight Noam Shazeer, co-founder of Character.AI.

According to news from HRE expert and Top 100 HR Tech Influencer Stacia Garr, co-founder and principal analyst at RedThread Research, Perceptyx announced it acquired Humu. The latter was co-founded by ex-Google CHRO Laszlo Bock, also an HR Tech Influencer. Garr says that “Humu’s value to Perceptyx is entirely tied up in its nudge system.” These nudges are intended to help people practice new skills in real moments throughout the day. Sounds easy and interesting. Don’t miss Garr’s talk at HR Tech 2023—she’ll cover more about the tech behind skills strategy.

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