COLLECTION: March 2021 coronavirus news

March 31: How HR transformed a ‘challenged nonprofit’ into a vibrant start-up

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This exec led the people side of a business transformation at FARE, the leading nonprofit representing the food allergy community.

March 31: Number of the day: mental health risk

Seven in 10 employees are at risk for mental health conditions. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

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March 31: What will recruitment look like after COVID?

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The pandemic has transformed recruiting. Permanently.

March 30: 6 ways to sustain urgency and drive results

HR and business leaders need to encourage change by engaging employees.

March 30: HR Tech Number of the Day: barriers to upskilling

Time, money and lack of employer investment are among the challenges employees are facing, according to a Spring HR Tech speaker.

March 30: Why soaring depression rates mean ‘a new mandate’ for employers

Although employers have worked to support struggling workers during the pandemic, significant work remains.

March 29: ‘Concern’ is a code word for fear; 3 strategies for overcoming that

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR leaders must be able to recognize fear, then move beyond it to earn buy-in.

March 29: Why HR needs to stop the clock on the women’s recession

‘It’s not just ‘nice’ that companies step up,’ one expert says. ‘It’s a business and economic imperative.’

March 29: What HR can do to keep Black women from leaving the workforce

The pandemic escalated the crisis, but underlying factors persist.

March 26: Inside one HR leader’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccination plan

Roanica Paisley of Rising Ground in New York is leaning on robust education, PTO and credible messengers to get 1,600 workers vaccinated.

March 26: Benefits news you may have missed: March 22-26

From Prince Harry’s role at BetterUp and a call for a federal leave mandate to how employers can help after two mass shootings, here are the top stories.

March 26: Boese: How the Goldman Sachs mess reveals gaps in HR tech

This is a wake-up call for HR tech to be proactive when it comes to supporting work/life balance.

March 25: Prince Harry joins BetterUp as growth in mental health tech surges

The royal steps into the HR space as chief impact officer at the coaching and mental health firm.

March 25: How one company hopes to optimize unused paid leave

The lofty vision? Reduce organizations’ PTO liability while preventing burnout and boosting employee engagement and financial wellness.

March 25: Soundbite: How a ‘surge of stressors’ is draining workers

Isolation, health anxiety and the stream of violence are taking a big toll on employees’ mental health.

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March 25: Why virtual onboarding needs a redesign for employee satisfaction

Remote work and the rising global talent war are putting pressure on HR to ensure this part of the hiring process shines.

March 24: Can 200 employers spark a federal leave mandate?

Employers from Etsy to Pinterest are urging U.S. lawmakers to put permanent paid family and medical leave into Biden’s COVID relief plan.

March 24: This is HR’s chance to be the ‘human voice in the room’

Paylocity’s Cheryl Johnson says the pandemic has emphasized HR’s role as the model for empathy.

March 24: How the pandemic is affecting women’s progress to pay equity

On Equal Pay Day, research shows women are making strides. Will that continue?

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March 23: Cappelli: What the Goldman Sachs scandal can teach about culture

Reports of overworked employees are raising the alarm bell about company culture.

March 23: ‘Now is not the time’ for employers to back off mental health focus

New research finds some positive strides on employees’ wellbeing, but the ‘pandemic only amplified an existing crisis,’ experts say.

March 23: Number of the Day: HR Tech countdown

Planning is underway for the fall HR Technology Conference & Exposition, scheduled for Sept. 28-Oct. 1, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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March 22: 5 key lessons from COVID that HR should take into the future

From trust to seeking help when you need it, this HR leader at ADP offers strategies for HR leaders in this changing world.

March 19:In-depth: 7 big lessons from Spring HR Tech

COVID-19, diversity and inclusion, and new tech to ensure the success of remote work were among the themes of the virtual, four-day event.

March 19: Workplace diversity: Is HR doing enough?

Here are the takeaways from the final day of Spring HR Tech, where diversity, equity and inclusion took center stage.

March 19: 6 HR tech start-ups changing the company culture, EX market

New tools on display at Spring HR Tech show HR leaders how to harness innovation to improve talent acquisition and DEI amid COVID-19.

March 19: Number of the Day: business continuity planning

A solid strategy can help organizations weather ongoing crises, said Paychex leaders during Thursday’s Spring HR Tech.

March 19: Employees are craving support for skills growth; here’s how to help

Cornerstone shared insights on how organizations can meet evolving employee expectations for new skills.

March 18: Diversity, innovation to round out last day of Spring HR Tech

Emerging technology platforms and insights into DEI efforts will highlight the final day of Spring HR Tech.

March 18: Spring HR Tech Day 3 highlights: What’s done and what’s next?

Continual listening, digital transformation and a focus on culture remain on the 2021 agenda, speakers said.

March 18: 5 components of a digital transformation in 2021

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jason Averbook lays out the importance of understanding employees fully to build deeper connections and make lasting change.

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March 18: Forget annual surveys: Why you should listen continually to workers

Continual listening gives organizations and leaders important data they didn’t know, Spring HR Tech speakers say.

March 18: CHROs share lessons from a ‘really challenging year’

Two very different companies with frontline employees offer up how they are coping with the pandemic.

March 18: How a focus on HXM helped one company thrive through COVID

The Timken Co. has focused on building engaging leaders, with the help of SAP SuccessFactors.

March 18: One of Kroger’s COVID-19 strategies? Access to earned pay

The grocer is among the employers turning to instant pay options for employees.

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March 18: What Facebook is doing to help employees who are caregivers

The social media company’s partnership with Wellthy has saved caregiving workers time and money.

March 17: 3 takeaways from Spring HR Tech’s second day

From COVID-19 lessons to TA tech tools, here are some of the topics explored Wednesday.

March 17: Marriott HR exec talks COVID-19: ‘It’s been a grueling year’

During a Spring HR Tech keynote, the hotel chain’s Jessica Lee says the past year has changed how she wants to lead.

March 17: Not relying on data for TA? Why that’s a ‘recipe for disaster’

Here are 4 reasons to make your TA more data-driven, from Spring HR Tech.

March 17: What’s on tap for day 3 of Spring HR Tech?

Sessions on developing leaders, engagement, reskilling strategy and more are coming up.

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March 17: Why ‘programmatic’ is changing hiring

Companies are seeing the benefit in programmatic job advertising, Aptitude Research’s Madeline Laurano says at Spring HR Tech.

March 17: Building a sustainable organization: 7 tips for HR leaders

The pandemic is making companies reevaluate old ways of thinking, keynoter Mimi Brooks said Wednesday at Spring HR Tech.

March 17: How a legal background helped this leader build a new HR function

How a legal background helped this leader build a new HR function

March 16: Digital transformation, COVID-19 on tap for day 2 of Spring HR Tech

Attend dozens of sessions covering such topics as AI, programmatic job advertising and earned wage access.

March 16: 6 ways we’re getting diversity recruiting all wrong

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jackye Clayton says HR may need to ‘shatter’ old ways of doing things to be successful.

March 16: 3 takeaways from Spring HR Tech’s opening day

The event began with a forward-looking exploration of today’s HR tech.

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March 16: 3 ways tech can help TA functions ‘rebuild, adapt, transform’

Thompson Reuters and Medallia shared how they’re fusing tech and talent at Spring HR Tech.

March 16: Spring HR Tech Number of the Day: Hiring apps ‘retired’ by Cisco

A recent integration allowed the tech giant to build a talent solution for the future of work, Avature says.

March 16: How to uncover whether your culture is founded on trust

Spring HR Tech speakers from UKG advise employers to ask themselves these 6 questions.

March 16: After so much disruption, where does HR go from here?

Finally, HR leaders are setting their sights on the future, Spring HR Tech speakers say.

March 16: Why Oracle takes a three-pronged approach to EX

The modern employee experience needs to be built on trust, an Oracle leader said at Tuesday’s Spring HR Tech.

Josh Bersin, during a virtual keynote at Spring HR Tech, says the future of HR is integrating work and life.

March 16: The HR tech market is changing. Are you ready?

Here are 5 ways Spring HR Tech keynoter Josh Bersin says the marketplace is evolving.

March 16: Nearly half of workers might leave their jobs post-pandemic

Employees want flexible workplace options and they’re willing to quit to get them, according to new research.

March 15: Spring HR Tech: What to expect on day one

Keynotes on the HR tech market and evolution of diversity hiring will kick off the first day of the free, virtual event.

March 15: Spring HR Tech kicks off with focus on diversity, HR tech after COVID

Keynote and other sessions will provide data, solutions, ideas and tips for managing organizations this year.

March 12: Number of the Day: Spring HR Tech speakers

HRE’s Nearly 200 speakers will dive into the myriad challenges facing HR at next week’s event.

March 12: Benefits news you may have missed: March 8-12

From how COVID-19 has changed employee benefits to SAP giving a mental health day to its workers, here are some of the week’s top stories.

March 12: Bersin: 4 ways HR can prepare now for the labor market change

It’s about to be a much different environment for job seekers€”and employers.

March 12: Burnout is soaring during COVID-19: How can employers help?

The numbers are ‘very, very concerning,’ says Limeade’s Lindsay Lagreid. ‘This is people’s wellbeing suffering.’

March 11: Number of the day: COVID-related stress

A staggering majority of employees say the pandemic is increasing their stress level. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

March 11: 3 ways to support a digital transformation during the pandemic

Leaders are concerned about the mental health issues facing employees due to the shift to remote work.

March 10: A year after lockdown: 5 ways the world of work has changed for good

A look at HR since businesses sent millions of workers home with little more than a good-luck wave and a laptop.

March 10: Want to create a positive employee experience? Start with wellbeing

Here’s why Limeade’s Laura Hamill says there’s ‘so much more work to do in wellbeing.’

March 10: How culture investment can prepare HR ‘for any crisis’

The Parking Spot’s Mary Ruberry, a Spring HR Tech speaker, says the company has stayed grounded during the last year because of its strong culture.

March 10: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Cecile Alper-Leroux

Companies that thrive post-pandemic likely will rely on virtual and augmented reality, UKG’s VP of HCM writes.

March 9: Software giant adds mental health day to ease COVID-related stress

SAP is the latest company to encourage its workers to rest and recharge as burnout rates soar.

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March 9: The year that changed benefits: How COVID reframed employer support

From quick employer response to more focus on mental health and other resources, here’s what has changed.

March 8: 4 ways tech can help you retain women

Technology is becoming a vital player in the effort to slow the pandemic-driven exodus of women from the workforce.

March 8: Here’s how many workers support COVID-19 vaccine incentives, mandates

Backing for mandates is up slightly, a new poll finds.

March 8: Sage-Gavin: Workplace equality is at risk. HR leaders can turn the tide.

Here are three ways HR leaders can lead the way on gender equity.

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March 8: Why this International Women’s Day feels more important than ever

HR has both a responsibility to act and a chance to influence the future of women in the workforce.

March 5: Benefits news you may have missed: March 1-5

From wellness programs missing the mark to employers’ biggest vaccine concerns, here are some of the week’s top stories.

March 5: Why wellness needs to be personalized and holistic

And how HR tech can help.

March 5: Just in time for Employee Appreciation Day, employers falling short

Workers are looking for appreciation, but many say their company doesn’t recognize them or offer incentives.

March 4: HCM system changes are top of mind for HR. Here’s why that matters

A new survey finds that half of HR leaders expect to switch HCM systems this year, fueled by a budget boost.

March 4: Number of the day: Employers’ biggest COVID-19 vaccine concern

Small and mid-size business owners report a variety of worries, including the slow rollout of the shots.

March 4: Why employer wellness, caregiving programs are falling short

Fewer than three in 10 employers say their initiatives have been effective at supporting employees.

March 4: Women in our workforce are struggling: 4 ways HR leaders can help

These strategies from PwC can keep women€”and especially mothers€”healthy, productive and ready to remain on the job.

March 3: This CHRO approaches health and wellness with a legal mindset

Maxine Carrington, a speaker at Spring HR Tech, brings an analytical outlook to her work helming HR at New York’s largest health system.

March 3: How HR tech can help ‘cut through the noise’

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jason Averbook says technology’s ability to enable employee experience has never been more needed.

March 2: 2 crucial skills for employers to teach their workers now

With the ‘future of work’ upon us, HR needs to invest in digital literacy and emotional intelligence, writes the University of Phoenix CHRO.

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March 2: Mayer: What did we get right€”and wrong€”during COVID-19?

Let’s talk about it at HBLC.

March 1: These 6 start-ups will be in the ‘spotlight’ at Spring HR Tech

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down innovation in HR tech.

March 1: How culture can empower the next generation of female leaders

Workplace inclusion can accelerate progress for women.

March 1: Employer report card: 5 steps for boosting your employee morale grade

Think less Zoom and more good causes and DEI efforts, this analyst and Top 100 HR Tech Influencer writes.