HRE’s Number of the Day: Spring HR Tech speakers

185: Number of speakers who will participate in the virtual Spring HR Technology Conference & Exposition®


The challenges facing HR today are vast and varied, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, movement for racial justice and other global shifts, and many employers are turning to HR technology to solve the myriad new people problems. The depth and breadth of the task before HR leaders will be illustrated at next week’s Spring HR Technology Conference & Exposition®.

The conference, which is free and virtual, will feature 185 speakers, across a variety of formats, including keynote addresses, tech talks, demo sessions and core sessions; in total, there will be 164 sessions. In addition to the robust conversations about the role of technology in HR’s future, participants can also see the tech in action for themselves at a virtual exhibition, which will include more than 100 exhibitors across the HR tech market.

What it means to HR leaders

While vaccines continue to roll out and new federal aid is on the way, employees remain stressed and strapped: New research from SilverCloud Health finds that a staggering 90% of employees surveyed said the pandemic has increased their stress, a significant threat to workplace engagement and productivity. Even once the pandemic subsides, employers will be challenged to bring to fruition their reimaged workplaces, keep employee mental health front and center and rebound after more than a year of financial uncertainty–all of which technology will be integral to.

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The expansive nature of Spring HR Tech is a testament to this, notes Tim Burke, senior vice president and publisher of HR products at conference organizer LRP Media Group.

“The role of HR technology in helping organizations meet the quickly changing needs of their employees is undeniable,” Burke says. “The pandemic has touched all aspects of the world of work–from where we work to how we hire to how we even define work–and companies will need to rely on smart digital strategies, supported by emerging technologies, to be able to keep up with all of that change.”

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