COLLECTION: August coronavirus news

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Aug. 31: Reopening your workplace? How to tell employees

HR professionals can encourage employees to return to the workplace by focusing more on outcomes, less on data.

Aug. 31: How COVID-19 is aggravating the caregiving crisis

One in three Americans became caregivers overnight, according to Genworth. So how can employers help?

Aug. 28: Benefits news you may have missed: Aug. 24-28

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From how COVID-19 is changing employers’ 401(k) strategies to 7 things HR leaders should consider as they reopen, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Aug. 28: How COVID will redefine workplace flexibility forever

More than 80% of employers will offer flexibility at a greater scale after the pandemic, new research shows.

Aug. 27: Most of us are burned out; What more can HR do to help?

With the pandemic driving higher rates of burnout, organizations should step up with flexibility, mental health days, employees say.

Aug. 26: How HR has the ‘power to shape the future of work’

Medidata Chief People Officer Naveen Bhateja says HR must embrace today’s changes for tomorrow’s success.

Aug. 26: What this software company’s new childcare leave looks like

Autodesk launched the program in July to support employees with childcare conflicts.

Aug.26: 4 new imperatives for an inclusive workforce

HR should focus on these areas to drive consistent and measurable improvement in D&I.

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Aug. 25: Thinking about reopening? 7 considerations for HR

Here’s what employers need to think about before returning to workplaces in the midst of COVID-19.

Aug. 25: How many employers are suspending 401(k) matches?

COVID-19 has a number of companies rethinking retirement contributions–but Fidelity Investments reports some good news.

Aug. 25: 4 ways this ‘traditional’ company is embracing change

A “flexible flex” policy is among the strategies Kern Health Systems is using to support its working parents.

Aug. 24: Averbook: 5 radical resets for our new world of work

This is the last big opportunity for HR to do a reset. Let’s not waste it.

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Aug. 24: 8 trends in employer support for the childcare crisis

Direct assistance with childcare arrangements is just one benefit on the rise.

Aug. 21: Depression risk is soaring for workers; How can HR help?

Employers must make mental health their ‘absolute top priority,’ experts say.

Aug. 21: Benefits news you may have missed: August 17-21

From a look at how COVID-19 is changing how employees view their benefits to how employers are helping working parents during the pandemic, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Aug. 21: Number of the Day: virtual healthcare

The pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of virtual healthcare; what that means for HR.

Aug. 21: Sage-Gavin: Why we need culture-makers right now

5 traits of every culture-maker that will make your workplace better.

Aug. 20: HRE’s Number of the Day: virtual open enrollment

Here’s how many employers say their open enrollment strategy will depend more on digital resources–and what it means for HR leaders.

Aug. 20: Let your ‘moral compass be the guide’ during crisis

How harnessing the humanity of HR can help people survive—and thrive.

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Aug. 20: Why this statistic is sounding alarm bells for HR leaders

Women’s mobile usage is way up. What does that mean for employers?

Aug. 20: How Bank of America is supporting working parents

The banking giant is extending its childcare reimbursement and other programs through the end of the year.

Aug. 19: How HR can navigate the emerging world of culture tech

Nudges, seamless experiences and thoughtfully building culture are the new frontier.

Aug. 19: Mayer: This is the biggest benefit trend of COVID-19

At a time of collective grief, uncertainty and anxiety, there is a new spotlight on empathy and how employers treat their employees.

Aug. 19: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Dave Ulrich

The speaker, author and professor shares his outlook on the pandemic’s impact on HR tech.

Aug. 19: Why this CHRO makes frontline employee safety a priority

Sealed Air’s Susan Edwards says HR has become more critical than ever.

Aug. 19: How HR tech tools integrate work, life

Industry analyst Josh Bersin describes how tech tools can ease HR challenges.

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Aug. 18: How a ‘menu of options’ can ease the childcare burden

Amid fears of high turnover among working parents, employers say flexibility is a must.

Aug. 18: Soundbite: This is HR’s time to ‘influence and use our voice’

LogMeIn CHRO Jo Deal says the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest are catapulting the importance of HR leaders in their organizations.

Aug. 18: COVID-19 accelerates uptick in remote work, wellbeing

‘Never waste a good crisis,’ one expert says as more employers embrace innovations in employee engagement.

Aug. 18: COVID-19 is changing how employees view their benefits

The pandemic reveals gaps in employer offerings, prompts workers to wonder if their company is doing enough to help.

Aug. 17: Number of the day: COVID’s impact on income

Here’s how many workers say they’re earning half or less of their pre-pandemic income–and what it means to HR leaders.

Aug. 17: Lawmakers look to private HR for remote work strategies

Lawmakers look to private HR for remote work strategies

Aug. 17: HR leaders: Give workers ‘permission’ to disconnect

Consider vacation nudges, including artificial holidays, Fridays off and more, expert says.

Aug. 17: Bersin: 3 reasons we shouldn’t get rid of employee surveys

A new report suggests employers abandon surveys; here’s why that’s the wrong move.

Aug. 14: Benefits news you may have missed: August 10-14

From a rare pet adoption assistance benefit to more employers embracing remote work, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Aug. 14: Sumser: How health, safety and ethics will become the heart of HR

The pandemic, coupled with the advance of intelligent tools, is giving HR a new mandate.

Aug. 14: Coronavirus resource spotlight: virtual college recruiting

Handshake’s new suite of products includes a virtual career fair tool.

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Aug. 14: John Hancock latest to sign on to virtual camp trend

The insurer’s virtual summer program for employees’ children is just one way the company hopes to help workers and boost engagement during the pandemic.

Aug. 13: Do you really know what your employees need right now?

Here are three fresh tips HR leaders can use to better recognize workers’ needs and support them during COVID-19.

Aug. 13: Why women need to ‘shout those accomplishments’

Mentoring and sponsorships are key to helping women amplify their voices, one expert says.

Aug. 13: Remote work, racism weighing on workplaces

There are no easy fixes for either issue, but new research sheds light on some employer strategies.

Aug. 13: Tackling the ‘connection’ challenge of COVID-19

Helping employees to feel connected in this isolating pandemic is one of HR’s biggest tasks.

Aug. 12: ‘Let’s set the HR industry on fire’

Leaders must work to “fundamentally redefine HR for the future,” #HRTechInfluencers Mark Stelzner said during a Twitter chat with HRE.

Aug. 12: HRE’s number of the day: employees quitting over childcare needs

Here’s how many employers say they’ve lost employees due to their children’s education needs during COVID–and what it means to HR leaders.

Aug. 12: Diversity, data and COVID plan among priorities for new CHRO

Social Solutions’ SVP of People brings experience from BusinessSolver, Target.

D&I cultureAug. 12: HR’s mandate to model diversity and inclusion

Experts say leading the way on D&I is becoming a critical part of HR’s role.

Aug. 11: Why empathy is the newest trend in benefits

Amid challenges from the pandemic and racial tensions, HR leaders are tasked with designing benefits that meet the unique needs of their workforce.

Aug. 11: Why COVID-19 has made mentoring for women a must

Staying keyed in to their own development can help women keep their career trajectory on track despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Aug 11: 6 ways the pandemic will make companies more human

WorldatWork CEO Scott Cawood predicts organizations will change forever–and for the better.

Maribeliz Ortiz received pet adoption assistance from her employer, The Zebra, when adopting her miniature long-haired dachshund, Niko.

Aug. 11: A ‘tail’ in improving employee wellness: pet adoption assistance

The Zebra rolled out a new benefit that may be especially appealing for employees spending more time at home because of the pandemic.

Aug. 10: How HR is becoming the heart of the organization

What a triple threat of crises–COVID-19, diversity and economic challenges–means to HR professionals.

Aug. 10: Why embracing long-term remote work is ‘the right thing to do’

Apple, Facebook and others have joined Google in extending WFH policies, and that’s good for wellbeing, says i4cp co-founder Jay Jamrog.

Aug. 10: HRE’s number of the day: employee retirement worries

COVID-19 is driving anxiety over long-term savings. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

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Aug. 10: How to use AI, data to drive inclusion

Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword but a business mandate, says Tolonda Tolbert.

Aug. 7: Why the pandemic isn’t all bad for the workplace

From better leaders to remote work wins, we’ve seen some good changes–and they should continue after the crisis, one expert says.

Aug. 7: 4 culture strategies for creating a successful hybrid workplace

Hybrid is likely here to stay. Are you ready?

Aug. 7: Averbook: 4 things HR needs to get ‘right’ in the COVID era

Doing things is easy. Doing the right things is much more of a challenge.

Aug. 7: Benefits news you may have missed: August 3-7

From four lessons the pandemic is teaching us about benefits to how employees are changing their retirement plans, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Aug. 7: How COVID is changing employees’ plans for retirement

Good news-bad news: Stress about long-term savings is on the rise–but so are employees’ savings goals.

Aug. 6: HRE Soundbite: Making diversity, inclusion an “ongoing journey”

CSAA CHRO Melissa Jones on the organizations strategies to weave D&I and CSR into the company culture.

Aug. 6: Why communication, flexibility will be key in the ‘new’ workplace

The culture shifts must be tailored to a remote workforce, experts say.

Aug. 6: HR’s ‘super opportunity’ to reinvent how it uses AI

Once the crisis subsides, HR leaders have a chance to redefine how they rely on AI, experts say.

Aug. 5: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Zoë Harte

HR tech expert discusses post-pandemic remote tools and prioritizing D&I.

Aug. 5: How one CHRO champions an inclusive culture

CHRO Melissa Jones says CSAA Insurance Group focuses on belonging throughout the talent lifecycle.

Aug. 5: Number of the day: employee recognition during COVID-19

Workers say appreciation is more important while working from home. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

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Aug. 5: As remote work continues, what is AI’s role?

Artificial intelligence will be tapped for everything from employee engagement to talent acquisition.

Aug. 4: How AI is transforming talent acquisition during COVID

With HR teams especially strapped for time and resources, they have leaned heavily on AI, experts say.

Aug. 4: HRE Soundbite: Work can be ‘where we begin to heal’ on social injustice

Workhuman CHRO Steve Pemberton says he’s hopeful for changes happening in the workplace on diversity and inclusion.

Industry leader Josh Bersin delivered the 2019 opening keynote address at HR Tech at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Aug. 4: HR Tech Conference is going virtual

HRE’s annual event will now take place online Oct. 27-30–and at no cost for attendees.

Aug. 3: How employers can address Black workers’ mental health

Tips to help HR leaders identify, support and help Black employees in need–and why that’s good for everyone.

Aug. 3:Why coaching is exploding since COVID-19

The pandemic is prompting both employers and employees to recognize the need for, and value of, coaching, says PILOT founder Ben Brooks.

Aug. 3: Mayer: What the pandemic is teaching us about benefits

From the importance of wellness to the shortcomings plaguing employer plans, four lessons from COVID-19.

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Aug. 3: HR’s latest challenge: Managing natural disasters in a pandemic

With Isaias churning off the East Coast, it’s a good reminder for HR leaders to check and update their disaster plans for the COVID era.

Aug. 3: What COVID means to compensation

A compensation strategy must be dynamic to survive a crisis, experts say.