Using Data To Drive Diversity Awareness and Action

Date and time: August 15, 2019 2:00 pm ET


Anna Tavis, Clinical Associate Professor & Academic Director of Human Capital Management Department, New York University

Jeanne Achille, Women in HR Technology Chair HR Technology Expert; Founder & CEO, The Devon Group

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When it comes to diversity and inclusion programs, clichéd workplace platitudes such as “you can manage what you can measure” screech to a halt.

Part of the reason is because such data uncover what’s been intentionally — or unintentionally — hidden; furthermore, when companies are staring at hard evidence, the need to take deliberate corrective actions intensifies. And, the issue isn’t the existence of the data, it’s the need to make transformative changes such as addressing pay inequity and the implicit bias designed into HR solutions and processes.

Join us for this discussion about the role of data in a systematic D&I program, the new technologies that examine patterns of employee engagement and how to use transparency to change previously imperceptible design flaws.

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