Opportunity Marketplace by Oracle

Human Resource Executive®’s Top HR Products contest spotlights the most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

This year, Top HR Products joined forces with Awesome New Technologies. The experts chose 16 winners, several of which will be featured Oct. 28 during a keynote at the virtual HR Technology Conference set for Oct. 27-30.

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Here’s a look at one of the Top HR Products of 2020:

Opportunity Marketplace


What it is: Opportunity Marketplace brings the flexibility of gig work to the world of full-time employment in order to meet new demands of a flexible organization and its employees. Combining job postings and internal gigs in one place, Opportunity Marketplace provides a simple, easy-to-use tool–accessible on any device–that fosters career mobility within an organization. Internal gigs allow employees to engage in different activities within the organization and expand their network while learning new skills and experiences. With Opportunity Marketplace, organizations can maintain high levels of engagement and retention while improving the overall employee experience.

Why we like it: Organizations are seeking new ways to foster employee skills and career development outside of the traditional or classic hierarchical ladder of promotions. One of the methods that has emerged to create new opportunities for employees to build new skills or to exercise skills that they have but don’t get to utilize in their current role is the use of gig or short-term projects. These gig projects also allow the organization to accomplish projects and tasks in an efficient way. Oracle Opportunity Marketplace is an easy-to-use solution that connects employees seeking gig or side projects with managers and others in the organization who have small projects that need to get done. Easily create gigs, apply for gigs, evaluate a gig candidate’s profile and past gigs completed, all in a very user-friendly and modern design.

As always, we encourage you to perform your own due diligence before making any investments.

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Elizabeth Clarke and Steve Boesehttps://hrexecutive.com/
Elizabeth Clarke is executive editor of Human Resource Executive. Steve Boese is HRE's Inside HR Tech columnist and chair of HRE’s HR Technology Conference®.