Introducing the Top HR Products of 2020

Welcome to Human Resource Executive®’s revamped Top HR Products contest. This year, for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic, the contest looks a little different because we merged the two longstanding, most prestigious awards and recognitions in the HR technology industry: “Top HR Products of the Year,” selected by the editors of Human Resource Executive®, and the “Awesome New Technologies for HR,” recognized at the HR Technology Conference.

New for 2020, the programs were managed in concert by the experts at Human Resource Executive® and the program chair of HR Tech, creating a single process allowing us to better identify and showcase the very best in HR technology. The goal, of course, remained the same: spotlight the most innovative new solutions on the market that are helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

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This year, we received about 110 submissions. Our panel reviewed each one, narrowed the list, watched demos, reviewed and trimmed the list again before deciding on these 16 products as the best of the best.

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As always, we encourage you to perform your own due diligence before making any investments.

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Core HR

Diversity and Inclusion

Employee Experience


Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Human Resource Executive
Elizabeth Clarke and Steve Boese
Elizabeth Clarke is executive editor of Human Resource Executive. Steve Boese is HRE's Inside HR Tech columnist and chair of HRE’s HR Technology Conference®.