The job is dead — long live skills!

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Date & Time: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 1:00 pm ET


Mark Stelzner, Founder/Managing Principal, IA

Mary Faulkner, Principal, IA

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In February of 2020, Mark Stelzner and Mary Faulkner presented their seminal research on “The War for Skills”. Since this early overview of the market evolution from set jobs toward an ever-evolving skills marketplace, the conversation on upskilling and reskilling has dominated discussions across strategic workplace planning, learning, talent acquisition, and talent management. In this session, Mark and Mary will provide an update on how this trend has rapidly evolved, including:

  • Challenges facing organizations as they shift toward a more skills-centric approach;
  • Recommendations for meeting the expectations of a rapidly changing workforce;
  • The next wave of skills-centricity; and
  • How to drive awareness and buy-in across the enterprise.

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