2024 trends

Leadership priorities for 2024: It’s all about change

For leaders looking to set direction and organizational priorities, uncertainty means determining "how" to execute effectively will be as important as "what" to focus on, writes this analyst.

The rise of the ‘total rewards professional’: 2024’s highest-impact job trend?

Total rewards professionals take a holistic approach to integrating all the things that add value to the employee experience, which can drive significant business success.

3 workplace compliance trends to watch in 2024

New laws on workplace discrimination, salary history and paid family leave point to growing trends that HR needs to consider when thinking about compliance in 2024.

How leaders of private enterprise companies will manage talent in 2024

Data from Deloitte's Private Company Outlook reveals that nearly two out of three surveyed business leaders express difficulty in attracting talent that aligns with their organizational needs in the coming year.