Simple But Powerful Ideas for Building a Resilient, Forward-Thinking Talent and Learning Organization

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Date & Time: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 11 am ET


Steve Boucher, Director, Strategic Initiatives at Degreed

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Corporate talent and learning have undergone a major evolution over the last twenty years, and organizations are working hard to keep pace with the global workforce. Success requires the right blend of traditional methodologies with modern digital principles. Join Steve Boucher, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Degreed, in a thought-provoking session on how to build a forward-thinking, resilient talent and learning organization in today’s world.

  • Discover how you can leverage simple supply and demand concepts to get your skills strategy off the ground
  • Understand how treating your learning programs like products can help you build learner engagement
  • Learn about how you can structure your talent data strategy to maximize organizational benefit

Replay here!