New Aon study validates how much employers can save on their healthcare costs

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Todor Penev, FSA, MAAA, Senior Vice President, Health Solutions, Aon

Carolyn Young, FSA, MAAA, Executive Vice President, Chief Actuary, Accolade

Matt Eurey, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise and Strategic Business, Accolade

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Industry analysts recognize that 2021 employer healthcare costs will be unpredictable yet continue to rise, and will remain an essential priority for employers of all sizes. But there’s good news. An independent study by Aon, a leading global professional services firm, found that Accolade significantly lowered the employer healthcare cost trend–beginning in the first year of service.

In this webinar, leaders at Aon and Accolade show how employers from just 1,000 employees up to 30,000 saw significantly lower healthcare cost trend in the first year–and beyond–after implementing Accolade. We’ll address:

  • How employers should be analyzing their claims cost spend to look for opportunities for savings and trend reduction.
  • How claims cost savings can occur from high- and low-cost members, within key clinical conditions, across demographic age bands, and additional categories.
  • The breadth of clinical categories–from mental health to musculoskeletal–that saw the greatest claims cost reduction as a result of personalized advocacy.
  • Healthcare claims costs spending as compared to a national control group, and how multiple employers’ healthcare spend was impacted after implementing Accolade.

Watch the webinar here!


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