Hey HR, Let’s Translate What You Do

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Date & Time: Thursday, March 07, 2024 at 2:00 pm ET


Amy Mosher, Chief People Officer, isolved

Steve Boese, President and Co-Founder, H3 HR Advisors
Madeline Laurano, Founder and Chief Analyst, Aptitude Research

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Ever feel like you are speaking a different language than the rest of the boardroom? Or your owner isn’t buying into what you’re selling? You aren’t alone. Many HR professionals have difficulty translating the value of employee-experience initiatives, for example, to their executive leadership. Ultimately this impacts the resources dedicated to what you’re trying to achieve. In this Live Stream, isolved Chief People Officer Amy Mosher will join HR Technology Conference Chairman Steve Boese in a lively conversation about translating what you do to your owner or finance, IT and marketing peers.

Replay here!