Irresistible by Design

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Date & Time: Thursday, July 27, 2023 2:00 pm ET


Josh Bersin, CEO and Global Analyst, The Josh Bersin Company

Kathi Enderes, SVP Research and Global Analyst, The Josh Bersin Company


With the advent of AI and increasing talent shortages, every company is aiming to adapt to these disruptions, but legacy HR practices no longer work. Join Josh Bersin and Kathi Enderes from The Josh Bersin Company in this research-based webinar to unpack the what, why, and how of designing your company to be irresistible.

We’ll explain what it means to be irresistible, why organizational ingenuity is the key to pivoting your organization into the future, how companies can design their organization to seize the power of AI, the role of systemic HR in this, and what the post-industrial model of organization design, performance management, rewards, and leadership will be about. You’ll learn about key insights from our conference, Irresistible, an immersive experience for 450 HR leaders with over 50 speakers around the world.

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