HR Myth Busting: Secrets to Supercharge Workplace Culture

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Date & Time: Thursday, September 07, 2023 at 2:00PM ET


Jason Lauritsen, Author and Management Expert

Dr. Isha Vicaria, Sr. People Data & Research Analyst, Workhuman

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People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers. Older, tenured employees don’t need check-ins. Good check-ins are better than frequent check-ins. Caregivers are more likely to leave the workforce. You’ve heard these statements so many times, you probably just accept them as facts. But where’s the data proving any of it is true? Are we letting these commonly held, unproven “facts” give toxic cultures a pass?

In this dynamic webinar, join Workhuman Sr. People Data and Research Analyst, Dr. Isha Vicaria, and Author & Management Expert, Jason Lauritsen, as they share their joint research findings to debunk and dismantle surprising myths and common mistakes, addressing age-old best practice questions like quantity versus quality, tenure status, and more. This session will leave you armed with the tools to put an effective feedback system into practice and how recognition plays a role.

You will learn:

– What common HR myths don’t hold water and can lead to toxic cultures

– How to have effective check-ins that make a positive impact on the employee experience

– How recognition can be the backbone of an organization’s successful feedback system and strong workplace culture


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