How to Support Healthy Minds in the Workplace to Reduce Downstream Health Risks and Costs

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Date & Time: Thursday, September 15, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Rachael Grile, HR Consultant, Employee Well-being, Cincinnati Children’s

Chris Mosunic, Chief Clinical Officer, Calm

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Mental health is often an underlying condition for many physical diseases–studies show that people with depression are at higher risk for diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases. And around one-third of people with serious medical conditions also have symptoms of depression, such as low mood, sleep problems, and a loss of interest in activities. Mental health challenges not only undermine the body’s ability to heal, they also drive up costs. In fact, people with depression are 2 to 4 times more likely to increase overall medical spend compared to people without depression. The good news is that preventive interventions not only help people feel better, but also drive healthcare cost savings. For every $1 invested per year in prevention programs to support mental health, employers can save $2 to $4 on other expenses.

How can HR & Benefit leaders adopt a preventive approach to mental health that drives better whole health outcomes at lower cost?

In this webinar, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s HR Employee Well-being Leader and Calm’s Chief Clinical Officer will share:

  • How Cincinnati Children’s Hospital addresses employee stress, sleep, and anxiety through a preventive approach to mental health
  • How Cincinnati Children’s Hospital breaks the mental health stigma and provides safe entry points for preventive mental health support
  • How Cincinnati Children’s Hospital provides a robust mental well-being strategy for the whole family, including women and children
  • The Calm Business Healthy Mind Workplace Model for Whole Health and 5 key preventive pillars to drive better outcomes and reduce healthcare costs

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