How to Drive a Cultural Transformation: Mazars USA’s Story

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Date & Time: Wednesday, October 04, 2023 at 2:00PM ET


Keri Fleming, Chief People Officer, Mazars USA

Brian Ash, Director of Talent Development, Mazars USA

Lisa Ratner, Head of Customer Engagement Strategy, Workhuman

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Workplaces across industries and locations have reported their employees feeling disengaged and disconnected over the past few years. And research confirms that incorporating strategic recognition into your company culture can drive connection, boost engagement, and increase productivity. But how does recognition drive these critical business outcomes, and where should an organization even begin?

In this webinar, Mazars USA, a prominent national accounting firm, will reveal the roadmap of their journey towards establishing a recognition program, and its influence on their company culture, from initial approval to a highly successful launch. Join Keri Fleming, Mazars USA’s Chief People Officer, and Brian Ash, Director of Talent Development, as they candidly share their learnings with Lisa Ratner, Senior Director at Workhuman about the transformative impacts of a recognition-based culture.

In this session you will:

– Explore the profound impact of recognition on culture in today’s workplace and discover effective strategies for building a connected culture.

– Understand why Mazars USA prioritized a culture of recognition during a time of uncertainty and learn about the benefits the organization saw after strategic implementation.

– Delve into the “why” behind recognition and explore how it aligns with culture goals and successes.

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