How Prioritizing Wellbeing Drives Employee Engagement: GoTo’s Story

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Date & Time: Wednesday, August 09, 2023 at 2:00PM ET


Christine Grant, Staff Compensation Analyst, GoTo

Lauren Spencer, Senior Consultant, Workhuman

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Workplaces that prioritize wellbeing see employees who are more engaged and productive. But what are the best ways to amplify wellbeing among today’s on-site, hybrid, and remote employees?

For insights, join Lauren Spencer, Senior Consultant at Workhuman and Christine Grant, Staff Compensation Analyst at GoTo, as they explore how GoTo implemented recognition to promote wellbeing and spark cultural transformation. GoTo (formerly LogMeIn), one of the world’s largest SaaS companies, recently rebranded while also reshaping its people strategies and shifting to remote-centric work for more than 3,500 global employees. GoTo used strategic recognition every step of the way to support its culture and help employees thrive.

You will learn:

•    Tactical ways to create and maintain a positive, collaborative culture in a flexibility-first world

•    How GoTo is using team member recognition to fuel wellbeing and engagement

•    The latest research about the impact strategic recognition can have on employee burnout and turnover

•    The importance of aligning recognition with company values to reinforce culture and maximize business impacts

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