How digital transformation is evolving leadership

Organizations today are having to adopt an agile and responsive mindset to adapt to an ever-changing global market. Even companies that have had long, successful legacies must learn to move toward a future that revolves around new trends, including digital transformation.

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Inchcape, a global automotive distributor operating in more than 40 markets and partnering with over 40 automotive brands, is looking to shape a successful and sustainable future for the industry. That means embracing technology, including by their leaders.

“For Inchcape, digital transformation is a fundamental part of our growth strategy,” says Wendy Foong, Inchcape’s chief human resource officer and regional people director. “By embracing digital technologies, we aim to enhance operational efficiencies, customer experiences and unlock new sources of competitive advantage.”

Wendy Foong, Inchcape Chief Human Resource Officer and Regional People Director, Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Wendy Foong, Inchcape Chief Human Resource Officer and Regional People Director, Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Foong also shares why 2024 will be a transformative year for the organization, as Inchcape seeks to focus on digital transformation for its employees. It is a part of its global strategy that builds on the previous year’s objectives: rejuvenating recruitment, the onboarding process, employee performance and talent management. To connect all employees across a global network, Inchcape has introduced better service in payroll, timesheet and attendance systems. In the APAC region alone, Foong shares, Inchcape is providing better service for close to 5,000 colleagues across 11 regions and markets.

Part of the move toward digital transformation includes creating and developing digital people transformation and talent retention programs. These programs seek to address the increasingly changing workforce environment for 2024 and beyond across global markets so that they can reach out to all employees via technology. This also helps increase flexibility for how people work; like many forward-thinking organizations, Inchcape is supporting hybrid and remote flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

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To Foong, it is a way to emphasize unity within the organization to become “One Inchcape” via analytics and with the new elements the organization seeks to introduce. It hopes to enhance services, engagement and support for employees, fostering productivity and an improved workplace environment while encouraging a culture of continuous learning, collaboration and innovation.

For Inchcape, leadership is supportive of digital transformation

This cannot be done without the help of good leadership that is supportive of digital transformation and ensures a good talent pipeline that will help develop more leaders who can grow and sustain digital transformation within the organization. “Inchcape understands that the digital era is disrupting industries, making it crucial to hire and train leaders who are both competent and supportive of transformation,” shared Foong.

To do this, Inchcape has used its Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and its commitment to delivering excellence in a tech-driven environment. The organization has been able to attract and retain proficient leaders who embrace digital transformation through exciting projects and growth opportunities.

“Since 2021, we have invested in omnichannel digital experience (DXP) solutions, digital analytics programs (DAP) and Digital Parts Platform (DPP),” Foong explains. “These technologies have played a significant role in driving our distribution excellence and transforming the way we work.” The investment in implementing and installing these tools within Inchcape has been beneficial to the organization: Inchcape has been able to increase its revenue, enhance relationships with its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and customers—and, all in all, drive overall success.

It also helps to increase the organization’s understanding of how digital transformation technology works hand in hand with employees to drive success. Leadership and mentorship, in turn, can push that mentality across their proteges.

This is emphasized in the range of Inchcape’s training and development programs that seek to enhance leadership skills, which are focused on developing digital leadership and creating a stronger caliber of leaders ready to meet the expectations of the workforce of the future. Programs on offer at Inchcape include the People Academy, Digital Academy, Women into Leadership and “Empowering People Leaders Series,” which Foong espouses seeks to create a leadership that embraces technology and an agile mindset for a better tomorrow.

“As part of our ‘One Inchcape’ values and behaviors, we encourage and reward our employees to consistently improve through fresh thinking and embracing new ways of working so that they can stay ahead of the curve as the business landscape changes,” Foong concludes.

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