Engaging learners virtually – Building workforce capability in a new world

Replay part 3 of this COVID-response series to learn how to engage learners virtually as we prepare for the new normal.
By: | May 29, 2020
Topics: Webinars

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Date & Time: Wednesday, June 10, 2:00 pm ET


Mike Mather, Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP

Tina Kelly, Partner, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP

David Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer, Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Jody Stolt, Director, Learning and Development Center, Paychex


Elizabeth Clarke, Executive Editor, Human Resource Executive

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Effective learning is built on the same quality principles no matter the delivery mechanism—digital, gaming, virtual, or in person. Today’s challenge for mission-critical initiatives such as transformation and technology projects, compliance/safety, onboarding, etc., is how to transform immediate learning needs when access to one of the traditional and most used mechanisms—in-person delivery—is no longer available.

As organizations take steps to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, the need to incorporate active and engaging virtual learning is imperative.

Replay part 3 of this series