Gallup Research Debut: Driving Workplace Culture by Leveraging Recognition

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 02, 2023 at 2:00PM ET


Corinne Selk, SHRM-SCP, Principal Consultant

Emily Lorenz, Ph.D., Survey Methodologist and Consultant, Gallup

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An organization is only as strong as its work culture. In fact, human talent is worth 2.33X more than any physical or technology asset. But, with today’s employees feeling more disengaged from their work than they have in a decade, companies must ask themselves: What can they do to foster strong cultures of connection across the organization?

In this webinar, Gallup methodologist, Emily Lorenz Ph.D. and Corinne Selk SHRM-SCP will share our latest findings on the ways employee recognition can be leveraged to facilitate a culture of connection, affecting key business outcomes such as engagement, productivity, and attrition. Drawing on research conducted by Gallup in collaboration with Workhuman, Emily and Corinne will discuss the data-backed strategies every leader can use to transform workplace culture.

This session will provide:

– Evidence-based insights from Gallup on the ways employee recognition can improve business-critical elements of your workplace culture.

– A deeper dive into the specific elements of recognition that can predict how employees experience culture, including a sense of belonging, job satisfaction, engagement, growth, wellness and purpose

– Strategies that every leader can use to energize their workforce by improving the ways employees get work done and interact with each other.

Replay here!