Culture of Connection: Workplace Recognition Programs Drive Business Impact

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Date & Time: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 2:00 pm ET


Jason Lauritsen, Co-Founder and CEO, Cultivayo

Niamh Graham, SVP Global HX, Workhuman

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The importance of the human workforce has never been more evident, however recent trends, including declines in employee engagement, hyperfocus on workplace flexibility, and a necessary amplification of wellness initiatives are putting renewed responsibility on organizations to be mindful of human connection in the workplace. Organizations must create environments where employees want to work and can do their best – and what is a strategic, cost-effective, and proven way to do this? Demonstrating value through employee recognition.

Join Jason Lauritsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Cultivayo, and Niamh Graham, SVP Global HX at Workhuman as they roundup what we have learned about the value of recognition programs across this Culture of Connection webinar series. Reflecting on stories from Cisco, Pfizer, and Deloitte where we learned how and why recognition programs strengthen engagement, how thriving employees support business growth, and how a hybrid workforce drives business impact.

Attendees will learn:

  • The ROI data needed to implement a recognition program within their organization
  • An understanding of the responsibility of progressive workplaces to foster a culture of connection
  • Why the value of human connection is the thread that weaves organizations together to meet business goals
  • How to implement a strategic recognition program, or strengthen an existing program

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