Connect, Collaborate, and Belong: Introducing UKG Talk

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Date & Time: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Klenda Martinez-Gasbarro, Industry Marketing Manager for Retail, Hospitality and Food Service, UKG

Alec Frazier, Product Marketing Lead, UKG Enterprise Solutions

Adolph Reyes, Workforce Solution Consultant for UKG

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The ability to easily collaborate and communicate amongst teams is more important than ever, yet many organizations struggle to keep frontline employees connected to each other. Employees also want access to connect and engage in ways that are flexible to how they live and work.

With UKG Talk, employees can do just that. This mobile-first solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow empowers employees to effortlessly communicate and collaborate, fostering a sense of belonging no matter where people physically do their work. Not only are employees more connected, but management is too — UKG Talk allows leadership to easily reach all employees at once, promoting increased engagement and boosting productivity amongst the workforce.

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