Bill Kutik

HR Technology columnist Bill Kutik, as chairman emeritus, is at the 22nd Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition® in Las Vegas, Oct. 1-4, 2019. Watch Kim Billeter, the new Americas Lead for EY HR advisory group (PAS), discuss the question: Why is Cloud adoption taking so long? Just six minutes for the current video episode of Firing Line with Bill Kutik®. Bill can be reached at [email protected]

Bill Kutik: Welcome to Survey Nation!

You’ve noticed? After any business transaction–F2F, phone, online–you get surveyed right away! SAP SuccessFactors is building that into its HCM. A good idea?

Bill Kutik: Namely grabs new CEO!

Hey, didn’t I just write about Larry Dunivan in May as CEO of ThinkHR, automating boring compliance? Well, being the new CEO of Namely is hardly boring.

Finally, a Sympathetic Deconstruction of What HR is Doing Wrong!

In his ninth book, Marcus Buckingham applies his wit and out-of-the-box critical thinking to decades of academic research to debunk many traditional HR principles.

Cornerstone: Does It Still Matter?

With the Talent Management Suite Wars long over–after starting 15 years ago–does one of the two winners left standing, Cornerstone OnDemand, still matter?

Want to Learn to Talk?

Some experts are reporting Gen Zers have under-developed face-to-face communication skills because of all their screen time. Well, there’s a new app for that, too!

HR Finally Gets a RoboCop!

Remember when HR was dumped on for focusing on its key role in compliance to the exclusion of everything else? Well, Larry Dunivan has an app for that!

Time to Care About ONA!

ONA or Organizational Network Analysis, a proven people analytics tool for 30 years, is starting to attract attention in HR–and for good reason.

Go Live without Going Broke!

For 50 years, it’s cost more to make enterprise software “go live” than to buy or rent it. Now there’s some help for making it work.

Are You Ready for Blockchain?!?

Instead of still trying to get your arms around AI and machine learning, why not just skip to the next big new technology: Blockchain?

Meet the New Ceridian!

In six years, CEO David Ossip has transformed Ceridian from a second-tier payroll service bureau into a leading HCM vendor.