Bill Kutik

HR Technology columnist Bill Kutik, as chairman emeritus, is at the 22nd Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition® in Las Vegas, Oct. 1-4, 2019. Watch Kim Billeter, the new Americas Lead for EY HR advisory group (PAS), discuss the question: Why is Cloud adoption taking so long? Just six minutes for the current video episode of Firing Line with Bill Kutik®. Bill can be reached at [email protected].

Bill Kutik: Welcome to Survey Nation!

You’ve noticed? After any business transaction–F2F, phone, online–you get surveyed right away! SAP SuccessFactors is building that into its HCM. A good idea?

HR Finally Gets a RoboCop!

Remember when HR was dumped on for focusing on its key role in compliance to the exclusion of everything else? Well, Larry Dunivan has an app for that!

Jason Averbook Exposed!

As he publishes his second book, learn Jason Averbook’s early secret on his road to becoming one of HCM’s top-two thought leaders.

A Tale of Two Vendors!

SAP bought SuccessFactors six years ago. Now, fundamental changes are underway that will affect prospects and customers.

Workday Pops Its Cork!

In a single quarter, a month before its Tech Summit, Workday stock went from $95 to nearly $140 a share.

Lawson Thrives as Infor

Infor is capitalizing on its acquisition of Lawson in all the ways CEO Charles Phillips might have imagined.

ADP Bets on Managing Gig Workers

Monte Carlo turned out to be a fitting location for ADP’s ReThink conference to learn about its latest wager on managing the contingent workforce.

Decoding AI for HR

Artificial intelligence will be another successful big new technology for HR. This time let’s start by understanding what it means.

Kutik on digital transformation: Why Zenefits sells no benefits!

Zenefits has its third management team in two years. And they’ve done more with the famous small company HCM vendor than just a mere “pivot.”

The Major Memes of HR Tech!

Often new phrases surface at HR Tech (or reach a volume) that three years later disappear into real software functionality or oblivion.