Organizations Overlook Up To 50% of HiPo Talent

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Date & Time: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Ben Brooks, Founder & CEO, PILOT

Nick Ionita, Head of Product Strategy & GM Beamery Grow

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What you can do to cultivate development for hidden high-potential employees.

The Great Resignation, tight labor market, increasing investment in DEI and the transition to a hybrid employee experience are all straining traditional approaches to both Talent Management and Learning & Development.

HR leaders and organizations at the forefront of innovation are seeking smarter, more agile and data-driven ways to assess and develop top talent for succession planning and as a retention strategy.

Talent can now tell their career story with skills allowing organizations to hire for potential. The future of work relies on creating a culture of mobility where organizations can leverage the talent they have today to solve their business challenges tomorrow.

Key Points

  • Most talent and performance management processes are overlooking up to half of true high potentials due to bias, poor data, weak managers and immature assessment processes
  • Organizations tend to exhaust resources on the aspect of assessing HiPo talent, while doing very little to develop their list of possible superstars
  • Organizations that do invest in development face other challenges as programs take employees away from work, force them to travel or are otherwise far too expensive to scale, which also reduces the chance of reaching all of those sleeper HiPos

Takeaways During this webinar, attendees will learn about the latest thinking on smarter ways to access potential in employees. They’ll walk away with tangible tips and best practices to deploy development in the flow of work for their top talent and how to build the cornerstones of a culture that fosters internal mobility.

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