Winning the Great Resignation by Creating a Fairer Employee Experience

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Date & Time: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Brian Kropp, Chief of Research and Distinguished Vice President, Gartner

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While fairness is a universal human value, it is hardly universally experienced. Indeed, less than 20% of employees today say they work in a “high fairness” environment. However, creating a fairer employee experience is central to attracting, engaging and retaining employees — in other words, fairness is key to winning in the current war for talent. Most organizations closely scrutinize decisions such as hiring, pay, and promotion for their fairness. But these only account for a quarter of the unfairness employees’ experience.

That is a problem, given the centrality of fairness to talent management in the current labor market. Instead, organizations need to overhaul their entire employee experience strategy to win during the Great Resignation. Join this session to learn how to create a fairer employee experience that improves talent attraction and employee performance.

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