Q&A with HR tech influencer Katrina Kibben


Katrina Kibben
CEO and Co-founder
Three Ears Media


Are there certain strategies that are more effective than others when it comes to getting your workforce to use new HR technologies being put in place?

Those “mandatory, read now” subject lines aren’t it! I recommend incorporating a technology onboarding with skill-based training. You’ll not only upskill your team on the technical how-to but the techniques that will make the tool most effective.

How can HR leaders best make the business case for HR technology investment?

Empathy. Every member of your organizations has been a job seeker before. Put them in the scenario and highlight what’s broken. Most importantly, explain why that hurts the human on the other side of this exchange.

How is HR technology changing the way people work?

HR technology is creating more efficiencies that improve the overall communication for people on both sides of the equation. We’re finally admitting that recruiting communications need to happen across channels–from email to mobile and social. Bonus: we’re even starting to track it.