Q&A with HR Tech Influencer Jeanne Meister


Jeanne Meister
Founding Partner
Future Workplace


What’s the single most dramatic shift you see happening in the HR tech space today?

The biggest shift I see happening in HR today is a focus on using HR technologies to create a compelling and seamless employee experience. I define an employee experience as the sum total of all the experiences an employee has with their employer over the duration of their relationship with their employer. We are seeing companies leverage intelligence technologies to enhance the candidate, new hire and experienced experience with the goal of creating an employee experience that mirrors the best customer experience they create in the marketplace.

In acquiring and implementing new technologies, what’s the one or two most common mistakes HR organizations make?

One of the biggest mistakes an HR leader can make in implementing new technologies is to do this alone, without active partnership with cross functional stakeholders. Our learners in our online course Using AI 4 HR, cite integrating AI with current technologies as one of their biggest barriers to implementing AI in the workplace. Companies committed to developing a modern workplace now have apps for workplace wellbeing, recruiting, real time collaboration, and even, personalized access to temperature control and light in the office. HR must consider implementing HR technologies as a team sport and partner closely with IT, Finance, and Communications to develop a shared vision for technology investment and integration.

How is HR technology changing the way people work?

The use of artificial intelligence is transforming the way companies recruit candidates, on-board, provide opportunities for growth, predict retention, and develop employees. Both candidates and employees expect a consumer grade experience in the workplace similar to their experience in their personal lives. Forward thinking HR leaders are re-imagining the employee life cycle and using HR technologies to answer questions like: Who might leave the organization and what can we do to retain them? What elements of on-boarding create an exceptional employee experience?  How might we provide greater opportunities for internal talent mobility? Leveraging intelligent HR technologies has the power to exponentially change the employee experience.