Employee Experience Trends and Technology with Josh Bersin


The experience economy has changed the way businesses compete. Today, there is a new set of reasons why people buy from you, work for you, and connect with your brand. Expectations are higher than they’ve ever been, and what’s driving customer and employee decisions and defining their loyalty is the total experience you offer.

Good experiences are table stakes, and it takes great experiences to deliver differentiation, profitability, and lasting growth.

Organizations that deliver exceptional employee experiences achieve better business results and outperform the competition — companies that invest in employee experience realize 17% higher productivity, 3x revenue per employee, and 40% lower turnover (Gallup 2016 Study, 2018 Study).

Watch this virtual event for HR leaders on employee experience, featuring Josh Bersin, globally recognized author and industry thought leader in human resources, technology, and employee experience. Josh joins two global leaders at SAP SuccessFactors for a lively exchange on trends and technology that have led to an explosive focus on employee experience. They will cover topics such as:

  • New trends related to workforce pressure, employee expectations and contingent labor that are driving the need for a corporate focus on employee experience
  • What today’s talent management strategy needs to include to attract the best talent and help companies foster a growth mindset
  • Specific tools to listen to the voice of the employee and enhance their productivity
  • What role technology plays in creating exceptional experiences for employees, teams, and organizations

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear why employee experience is driving conversations throughout HR and across businesses — the impact it has on engagement, retention, and the bottom-line has made it a priority.