Coping with Workplace Crisis: The Human Element

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 18, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Jeff Gorter, MSW, LMSW, Vice President, Crisis Response Clinical Services, R3 Continuum

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If the years 2020-21 have taught us anything, it’s not a question of if a crisis may happen, but when, how many, and for how long. From a global pandemic to civil unrest, wildfires, floods, and active shooters, the U.S. has faced an unprecedented number of major crises unparalleled in their size, scope and emotional impact on American employees. Add to that an angry, anxious, and divided workforce, leaving HR professionals with a volatile and confusing challenge as they steer their companies through these turbulent times.

The good news is that HR executives are no strangers to crisis, and, in fact, they are uniquely positioned to play an instrumental role in restoring calm, expressing compassion, and coordinating care. This presentation will explore the common reactions to crisis, offer strategies for stabilization, and provide skills to harness the natural resilience of the workforce. By balancing business objectives and humanitarian outcomes, HR leaders are pivotal in shaping the “next normal” after any crisis.

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