Bridging the perception gap: five key findings from employee surveys

The stories behind employee trust your organization may be missing

Does your organization potentially need a reality check? Even when leadership teams believe they are excelling in a particular area, their perspective can be completely overturned by feedback from an engagement survey. That’s what we call a perception gap — and we’ve uncovered four pivotal themes that reveal gaps between leaders and employees.

Read “Bridging the perception gap: five key findings from talent surveys” to:

  • Explore five pivotal themes around leadership and employee perception gaps including, trust, employee belongingness, sustainability practices, career development and burnout
  • Read initial strategies you can start thinking about and implementing now
  • Understand how employee surveys can help leaders become more aware of how employees truly feel and initiate strategies to address fears, distrust and dissatisfaction
  • Learn how to unlock the power of employee listening to gain deeper insights so you can enact change, increase accountability and strengthen trust It’s time to bridge the perception gap and create a workplace where leadership and employee and employee realities are aligned. Discover where many companies are missing the mark and how employee listening can help create a more engaged and satisfied workforce.