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As workplaces roll out back-to-the-office and hybrid plans over the coming months, many will be beefing up their staff as part of the rebound. A new report from Ceridian finds that more than half of U.S. employers surveyed will build out their teams over the next year, with one-third planning to hire gig workers and a vast majority intending to hire remote and freelance employees.

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With those shifts on the horizon, it’s no wonder that technology will play an increasingly central role in the recruitment and hiring process. Ceridian’s Future of Work survey, conducted late in the spring of 2,000 global senior leaders, found that 46% of respondents plan to use artificial intelligence for recruiting and talent management, a figure that’s slightly lower (39%) for U.S.-based leaders.

Despite that commitment, some organizations still have yet to fully invest in their HR tech infrastructure, with 17% of global leaders–and 13% in the U.S.–saying their organization does not have an HCM solution, despite three-quarters of U.S. leaders saying that such investment is a high or essential priority.

What it means to HR leaders

Steve Knox, vice president of global talent acquisition for Ceridian, notes that, in addition to the 46% of survey participants planning to incorporate AI-based recruiting and talent management tools, 42% are already doing so–demonstrating that “forward-thinking organizations will rely on AI-fueled innovations to build diverse, equitable workforces on a global scale.”

It’s an imperative that’s vital, given the need for employers to innovate quickly in the face of pandemic-driven challenges, especially in the area of recruiting.

“More than ever before,” Knox says, “leaders are embracing new, intelligent solutions to acquire top talent in the fluid, borderless and skills-based future of work.”

While the number of organizations that have yet to incorporate an HCM system is surprising, Knox adds, the fact that 67% recognize that it’s essential to HR success is promising and represents “a new reality as organizations look to intelligent technology to transform their HR practices for the better.”


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