Meet the 2022 HR’s Rising Stars

Over the last year, the need for forward-looking HR teams has become more apparent than ever at businesses around the globe, as they strive to plan for a post-pandemic workplace amid quickly changing, often-uncertain conditions. This unprecedented environment has meant today’s HR professionals need to be agile, innovative and willing to bring both an appreciation for empathy and sharp business acumen to the job. All of these qualities are on display in the 2022 HR’s Rising Stars class.

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Chosen from amid a record pool of highly qualified candidates, this year’s six winners exemplify the best of the best of the next generation of HR leaders. Collectively, they have helped their organizations tackle significant talent challenges—retention in a tough market, a transition to remote work and an increasing need to deepen the commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, for example—leaning on their passion for people and an understanding of the potential impact that a high-functioning HR department can have on business success.

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The 2022 winners are:

We congratulate them on this well-deserved award and eagerly look forward to the continued influence they will have on the HR profession. We would also like to thank this year’s judges: former Rising Stars winner Ben Brooks, founder and CEO of PILOT; Gregory Hessel, partner, HR Practice at Korn Ferry International; former Rising Stars winner Judy Huie, chief of staff for Freddie Mac HR; and former Rising Stars winner John Klein, a talent acquisition strategic consultant.

Learn more about the current class of Rising Stars below:

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