How HR can strengthen talent management to improve employee performance 

Like a pebble dropped into a pond, a lack of clarity regarding an employee’s role and purpose can ripple through an organization and undermine productivity and engagement, says Dickens Aubourg, founder and managing principal of talent technology advisory firm Onup. But HR can help managers bring clarity to their teams and improve employee performance, he notes.

And it’s important that they do. Employee engagement is suffering. In the U.S., employee engagement in the first quarter dropped to its lowest level in over a decade, falling to 30% for full- and part-time employees from a high of 36% in 2020, according to a Gallup report. The last time it was 30% was in 2013.

Aubourg recently spoke on Disrupted Leadership: Innovating in the Age of Acceleration at the Elevate People, Ignite Change (EPIC) conference in Las Vegas. He sat down for a video interview with HRE at EPIC to share the challenges and solutions for HR leaders seeking to assist supervisors with improving employee performance.

Dawn Kawamoto, Human Resource Executive
Dawn Kawamoto
Dawn Kawamoto is HR Editor of Human Resource Executive. She is an award-winning journalist who has covered technology business news for such publications as CNET and has covered the HR and careers industry for such organizations as Dice and Built In prior to joining HRE. She can be reached at [email protected] and below on social media.