COLLECTION: July coronavirus news

July 31: Why virtual training is here ‘forevermore’

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There’s no going back to solely in-person L&D, says one training company.

July 31: Benefits news you may have missed: July 27-31

From the rise of virtual wellness to Google’s decision to keep workers remote until next summer, here are some of the week’s top stories.

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July 31: How HR tech can help manage COVID compensation changes

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The right tech can help HR leaders design fair changes to compensation, in light of the pandemic.

July 30: The biggest risk facing HR leaders? Not taking enough risk

It’s time for HR to rise to the moment, take some real risks and redefine what human resources means to organizations.

July 30: How to make pandemic-era meetings work

Virtual meetings can still be effective, if employers follow specific guidelines, according to new research.

July 30: 5 ways HR can prioritize L&D in times of change

In the face of disruptive change, these strategies can help employers optimize the value of their learning investments.

millennials want international experience, targeting millennials for international assignmentsJuly 30: 8 considerations for a COVID-19 travel policy

If business travel can’t be delayed, employers must follow strict guidelines to protect employee health and reduce risk.

July 29: How Pinterest is getting its remote workers moving

The company’s luxe fitness center may be closed, but remote employees still have access to plenty of ways to stay active.

July 29: HRE‘s Number of the day: ‘alarmingly elevated’ mental health risks

Employees are experiencing higher levels of risk for depressive and anxiety disorders since the start of the pandemic.

July 29: This food bank’s new HR leader is staying calm through the crisis

City Harvest CHRO Karrien Francis says the organization’s mission hits close to home.

July 29: Continuum’s solution for financial stress: faster pay, education

The customer care provider partnered with instant pay company Branch to give employees financial education and more frequent access to their pay.

July 29: Continuum’s solution for financial stress: faster pay, education

The customer care provider partnered with instant pay company Branch to give employees financial education and more frequent access to their pay.

July 28: What is HR’s function moving forward?

Join ‘HRE’ with Mark Stelzner, one of our Top 100 #HRTechInfluencers, for a live discussion of HR’s function and how leaders can best leverage HR tech.

July 28: Why virtual wellness is on the rise

Wellness providers Wellbeats and Grokker have both seen big upticks since March.

July 28: HRE’s Number of the Day: employment changes

Younger professionals appear to be harder hit than older workers by layoffs, furloughs and reduced working hours during the pandemic.

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July 27: Google workers will stay remote until summer 2021. Will other employers follow?

Experts predict the tech company’s decision to keep employees remote amid the pandemic may spur others to push back reopening plans.

July 27: Cappelli: Testing’s complicated role in the return to workplaces

Testing may be part of employers’ return policies, but they also need to consider the context.

July 24: Benefits news you may have missed: July 20-24

From Amazon opening health clinics for employees to Walmart giving workers a third COVID-related bonus, here are some of the week’s top stories.

July 24: 8 traits HR leaders need to succeed today

What are the leading characteristics of HR professionals at the most agile companies?

July 23: The childcare crisis is here. What are you doing about it?

The Mom Project founder Allison Robinson shares the support and solutions working moms need.

July 23: Work, life and why I feel balanced even during COVID

Prosek Partners CHRO Karen Niovitch Davis shares her journey toward bringing her whole self to work.

July 23: HRE’s Number of the Day: employee burnout

With the pressures of working from home, how can HR leaders prevent burnout?

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July 23: Freddie Mac CHRO on race, inequality and HR’s mandate

Jacqueline Welch says HR can play a pivotal role in embedding diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

July 22: COVID, social unrest prompting ‘real change’ from HR

Get insights into HR’s response to the coronavirus pandemic from National Academy of Human Resources President Jill Smart.

July 22: Steps to avoid remote bias in a post-COVID world

Here are 4 steps to address common biases that impact remote workers in organizations of all sizes, says Broadridge Solutions CHRO.

July 22: New Avalara CHRO putting employee health and safety first

Kathleen Weslock shares lessons from managing through 9/11 and her main concern during COVID: families with extra responsibilities at home.

July 21: Walmart giving employees third COVID-related bonus

The retailer is handing out bonuses amounting to $428 million to thank employees for working during the pandemic.

July 21: 5 shifts to build workforce resilience

Why HR should take the lead in reinventing the workforce and ensuring organizational stability, from Top 100 HR Tech Influencer Erica Volini of Deloitte.

July 21: 5 shifts to build workforce resilience

Why HR should take the lead in reinventing the workforce and ensuring organizational stability, from Top 100 HR Tech Influencer Erica Volini of Deloitte.

July 21: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Mental health and wellness guide

A new guide contains resources and tools aimed at addressing mental health and workplace wellness issues in an evidence-based way.

July 20: Bersin: Communication is more important than ever. Here’s how to handle it

Tech can be an enabler of employee communications in the age of COVID.

July 20: HRE’s number of the day: workers’ comfort over office return

Employers are thinking about their reopening plans€”but employees aren’t ready to go back to the office.

July 20: HR leaders plan to embrace remote work post-pandemic

The vast majority of company leaders say their organizations plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time.

July 17:Amazon opening health clinics for employees

The company plans to open 20 health centers in five cities as part of a new pilot program to provide primary care for workers.

July 17: How a children’s book can serve as a guide for employers

€œTake Care,€ from Limeade’s Laura Hamill, has a deeper message that she says can improve workplace culture and employee wellbeing.

July 17: How HR tech can help improve culture during pandemic

Joey Price discusses the importance of HR tech in the SMB market during a discussion with ‘HRE’ on Twitter.

July 17: HRE’s Number of the Day: Fitness benefits

How many employees consider it important that an employer offer fitness, wellness benefits?

July 17: Benefits news you may have missed: July 13-17

From virtual camps as a pandemic benefit to a look at whether telehealth will continue after COVID-19, here are some of the week’s top stories.

July 16: How the pandemic is changing employee recognition

COVID-19 is accelerating the need for employers to frequently acknowledge employees’ hard work, says one workplace expert.

July 16: Advice for HR leaders: ‘You need to walk. You need to sleep

Accenture’s CHRO shares her story about self-care and its role in her priorities: sharp decision-making, empathy and creativity.

July 16: HRE’s number of the day: benefit reductions

How many employers say they’re considering dropping an insurance benefit due to COVID-19?

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July 16: Sun Life is latest employer to roll out virtual summer camp

The financial services firm is partnering with Boston Children’s Museum on the offering to help working parents.

July 15: 4 steps for digital success in the COVID-19 era

HR-led digital transformation has never been more vital, says Jason Averbook.

July 15: How to build culture for blended workplaces

Mobility’s clearly a winning trend. But mobility without membership is doomed to fail in the long run.

July 15: HRE’s Number of the Day: Charitable giving

Employers are investing in workplace giving programs to help increase morale and improve employee retention.

July 15: Coalition seeks to lift low-income workers out of the economic crisis
A new group is helping low-income workers boost their skill levels during the pandemic.

July 14: Soundbite: ‘Pandemic has led to a reset’ for employers

HR leaders are committing to more wellbeing efforts, especially mental and financial health help, says Willis Towers Watson leader.

July 14: HRE’s Number of the Day: ‘app fatigue’

More than half of employees are using multiple collaboration tools each day.

July 14: Will telehealth continue post-COVID?

A look into the continuing treatment and cost benefits of telemedicine for employees.

July 14: Why health needs to be HR’s No. 1 priority amid return-to-work plans

HR executives should be the leaders in transitioning employees back to the workplace, Virgin Pulse CEO says. Here’s how they can best do that.

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July 14: Why workplace mental health must reach beyond yoga

These 3 questions will help you design wellness interventions that are specific, purposeful and effective.

July 13: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Virgin Pulse’s return to work service

A look at the company’s app that aims to help employees safely return to the workplace amid COVID-19.

July 13: How to keep worker morale high, despite budget cuts

Employee engagement has never been more important, experts say.

July 13: HRE soundbite: ‘Virtual wellbeing is here to stay’

More employers are embracing online fitness classes€”a trend that will likely continue.

July 13: Solutions and strategies to ease the return-to-workplace

HR needs to prepare employees for an office that looks and feels much different.

July 11: The Josh Bersin Academy Presents: The Big Reset Town Hall 

Bersin and his panel of industry experts host a follow-up live Q&A on HR’s approach to the workplace in a new norm.

Josh Bersin

July 10:Lessons from Bersin Q&A: Get comfortable with uncertainty

Workforce culture will adapt, but the only real certainty is change, expert advises during live event.

July 10: Your 2020 HR priorities: Share your insights with ‘HRE’ and Valoir

Take our survey and you could win a $250 Amazon gift card.

July 10: Are you hiring for these new pandemic-related jobs?

Experts say temperature takers and contact tracers will be common at many newly reopened workplaces.

July 10: Benefits news you may have missed: July 6-10

From Twitter’s new virtual camp for employees to an inside look at Pinterest’s COVID benefits strategy, here are some of the week’s top stories.

July 10: Benefits news you may have missed: July 6-10

From Twitter’s new virtual camp for employees to an inside look at Pinterest’s COVID benefits strategy, here are some of the week’s top stories.

(Photo courtesy of Siemens)

July 10: Remote work, mental health, resilience: COVID lessons from employers

BNY Mellon, Pfizer and Siemens leaders discuss the pandemic€”and how it will change the workplace.

July 9: What to do when workers won’t take their vacation

With unused PTO an accounting liability, employers may need to get creative to urge their workers to take vacation this year.

July 9: American workers are worried. Why that’s a problem for HR

American workers are far from convinced that life will return to normal any time soon, according to a new mental health survey.

July 9: Is a hybrid workforce the wave of the future?

The pandemic has reshaped attitudes about remote working, but employers aren’t ready to ditch the office entirely.

July 8: Sumser: HR doesn’t have all the answers€”and that’s OK

HR must focus on solving the next biggest problem, knowing it won’t be a long-term fix.

July 8: HRE soundbite: HR’s leadership during turmoil ‘impressive’

The National Academy of Human Resources’ Jill Smart says most human resource executives are stepping up when it comes to navigating the pandemic and social unrest.

July 8: Twitter launches virtual camp for employees and their children

The social media company is giving working parents access to a program to keep kids occupied during the pandemic.

July 8: How is HR tech helping employers through the pandemic?

Join HRE with #HRTechInfluencers Joey Price for a live discussion on the rising interest in HR tech for the SMB market.

July 8: Study: Pandemic taking greater toll on women in the workforce

Here are 3 data-based questions HR leaders should ask to improve employee experience for men and women.

July 7: How start-ups can shine at HR Tech

Pitchfest returns at this year’s conference, with $25,000 top prize.

July 7: HR Tech Influencer tips: Managing the new ‘blended’ workforce

During the pandemic, HR leaders are doing double duty looking after remote and on-site employees. Here is advice on how to make it all work.

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July 7: Take a peek inside Pinterest’s COVID-19 benefits strategy

Expanded parenting benefits and mental health support are among the tactics for the social media company.

July 7: HRE’s number of the day: depression among working women

How many women are struggling with depression and anxiety€”and how can HR leaders help?

July 6: Why upgrading the employee experience will boost business

‘Companies that used financial returns as their sole measure of value have reached a reckoning.’

July 6: Averbook: 7 must-haves in your crisis communication plan

Amid the pandemic and push for social justice, employer trust is needed more than ever.

July 6: Record-breaking healthcare premiums ‘not a great’ milestone

Family premiums keep increasing. So how are employers holding down costs?

July 3: How do you attract young professionals in a pandemic?

A program that promotes Kansas City as a talent destination is shifting its approach to internships.

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July 3: Coronavirus resource spotlight: CVS Health’s return to work service

A look at the company’s COVID-19 testing solution, which includes an onsite option.

July 3: Benefits news you may have missed: June 29-July 3

From how COVID is changing voluntary benefits to wellbeing tech tips, here are some of the week’s top stories.

July 3: What the freeze on foreign worker visas means for HR

President Trump’s order will cause employers to look for ways to adjust. It won’t be easy, say experts.

July 3: HRE’s number of the day: remote work accommodations

How many employers are offering work-from-home options upon reopening€”and what does it mean for HR leaders?

July 2: Pandemic changes workplace€”and benefits€”likely forever

Here’s how employers say the pandemic is changing their benefits plans for their workers.

July 2: Virtual internships: Why ‘engagement and experience’ are key

A new tool from Alexander Mann Solutions aims to help employers transition their intern programs online.

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July 1: What COVID means for voluntary benefits might surprise you

New financial priorities and €œheightened sense of mortality€ are driving interest in some offerings.

July 1: How this global nomad used her experience to manage the COVID crisis

How the Schneider Electric HR leader finds calm and balance during a pandemic.

July 1: Boese: Tech tips to give wellbeing the attention it deserves

Employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing is suffering. Here’s how HR tech can help.