Benefits news you may have missed: Sept. 27-Oct. 1

9 tips for telling workers about your new vaccine mandate: COVID-19 vaccine mandates have gained steam in recent weeks, as the highly contagious Delta variant causes employers to take more serious action. How can employers that plan to mandate vaccines relay those plans to employees? Here’s what experts say. Read more here.

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Surcharges, mask mandates: Motivating the unvaccinated? Delta Air Lines made waves when it recently announced a $200 monthly health insurance surcharge for unvaccinated employees. Now, experts say many other employers may soon follow suit. And new data proves the strategy may be quite effective in boosting vaccination rates among unvaccinated workers. Read more here.

What’s behind the Great Resignation? Blame burnout: There’s plenty of research indicating the validity of the Great Resignation–in which scores of employees are quitting or considering quitting. But why, exactly, are so many employees leaving their jobs? The answer may have to do with one of employers’ biggest problems. Read more here.

What post-COVID wellness means at HPE: In response to the pandemic and the unprecedented stressors it has brought to employees, scores of companies have upped their investment in employee wellbeing. From collective time off to a new emphasis on employee finances, employers are rethinking what wellness in a post-pandemic world means. For Hewlett Packard Enterprise, that commitment pre-dated COVID-19, and will only continue in a post-pandemic world. Read more here.

Gen Z is craving financial help. Here’s how HR can intervene: There has been plenty of pandemic-induced financial stress to go around for practically every employee nationwide in the past year-and-a-half, but a new survey reveals that the impact on younger workers has been the most dramatic. An annual nationwide survey of 401(k) plan participants from Schwab Retirement Plan Services found that a large proportion–44% and 38%, respectively–of Generation Z and millennial workers reported that financial stress affected their ability to do their jobs this past year. Read more here.

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