Building a Case for Culture Change

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Date & Time: Tuesday, November 07, 2023 at 1:00 pm ET


Matthew Bush, Principal Strategic Advisor, Great Place To Work

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Business as we know it is constantly changing: the economic environment, market conditions, customer needs, and everything in between. In order for your company’s culture to keep up, you’ll need to ensure you’re providing the best products, services, and most importantly — talent.
As organizations work to accelerate and realign progress toward organizational goals, it’s not as simple as telling people what to do. Great places to work prioritize on how the work gets done and how employees are brought along through the process.
Tune in with Matthew Bush, Strategic Advisor at Great Place To Work, as he uncovers the employee experiences that signal a change is necessary, how to get leaders on board with making the change, and where companies should focus their attention as they navigate their own organizational change.
In this session you will learn:

• Key employee experience indicators that signal underlying cultural issues that need attention
• How to support getting leaders on board with making a cultural shift, including the risk of inaction
• What to include in your action plan to make change that positively impact your employee experience — and your business
• Steps to building a practical action plan to make cultural changes for your organization

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