Convert Employee Feedback into Positive Outcomes to Help Reduce Your Frontline Worker Turnover

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Date & Time: Thursday, August 4, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Dan Johnston, Co-founder and CEO, WorkStep

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77% of supply chain workers are considering a job change in the next 3 months.

We also know 75% of turnover could be prevented if companies knew the top turnover reasons for their frontline workers.

Get ahead of turnover by listening to feedback, analyzing the data, taking action, and measuring outcomes.

Join Dan Johnston, CEO of WorkStep, the leading frontline workforce retention management solution, as he dives into:

  • Top turnover reasons (hint: pay isn’t even in the top 5)
  • The increasing cost of employee turnover and how the cost has significantly increased over the last two years (average is now $19,607)
  • How to engage, act, measure, and retain your workforce at scale to decrease turnover and drive positive outcomes
  • How your peers are embracing retention management software to reduce worker turnover and improve worker sentiment

It’s a must-attend session for HR, operations, or c-suite executives who are struggling to retain their critical frontline workers.

Replay here!


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