Become a Bionic People Leader

Date & Time: Friday, October 2, 2020 11 am ET


Peter Sheppard, Head of Global L&D Ecosystem, Ericsson

Sarah Danzl, Director of PR, Comms and Client Advocacy

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With world events, digital transformation has accelerated in 6 weeks what would have normally taken 2 years. Our workforce is dispersed and burned out. Our processes are shifting to meet entirely different demands. 80% of our people don’t have the skills they need for their current role or future career. The pressure that comes with being an HR, talent and people leader are real. It will take a new breed of leader that can adequately and quickly adjust to meet the needs of today’s workforce. Unfortunately, many talent leaders aren’t being effective where it counts. Nearly three quarters of CEOs say that a lack of critical expertise and skill is a threat to their businesses’ growth.

Some learning leaders, however, are adapting and evolving — even thriving — in the face of all this change and disruption. To find out what the 3 things are that successful people leaders do differently in technology, join Ericsson and Degreed for this webinar.

Hint: it’s more than online learning opportunities and yearly performance reviews.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Why progressive learning leaders are rethinking their strategies and democratizing learning
  • How innovative L&D professionals are redesigning their toolkits and technology architectures
  • What forward-thinking leaders are doing to re-skill their teams

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