2019’s most admired HR

‡ Companies 10-6

5. Nordstrom

Management quality: 8.17

Product/Service quality: 8.63

Innovation: 7.98

People Management: 7.88

HR Executive Summary Score: 8.17


4. Target

Management quality: 8.46

Product/Service quality: 8.00

Innovation: 8.06

People Management: 8.19

HR Executive Summary Score: 8.18


3. The Walt Disney Company

Management quality: 8.49

Product/Service quality: 8.88

Innovation: 7.82

People Management: 8.32

HR Executive Summary Score: 8.38


2. Netflix

Management quality: 8.09

Product/Service quality: 8.90

Innovation: 9.22

People Management: 7.79

HR Executive Summary Score: 8.50


1.  Apple

Management quality: 8.35

Product/Service quality: 8.77

Innovation: 8.22

People Management: 8.68

HR Executive Summary Score: 8.51

Nick Otto
Nick Otto is HRE’s senior digital editor. He is a professional communicator with more than a decade of demonstrated accomplishments in newspaper and trade publishing. He has spent the past five years covering the employee benefits space and holds bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. He can be reached at notto@lrp.com or follow him on twitter @Ottografs.