Back to basics? The core benefit HR can no longer take for granted

Comprehensive medical coverage may be a key piece to addressing the Great Resignation, new research from Quest Diagnostics finds.

Number of the Day: telehealth usage

Telehealth usage is waning—here’s how to get more employees to take advantage of the option.

Why health equity efforts may be the next big employer trend

It’s becoming a bigger priority among organizations, says HBLC speaker and Optum Chief Health Officer Seth Serxner.

Here’s why healthcare costs will be volatile in 2022 and beyond

Despite stable healthcare costs around the globe, many countries will see double-digit increases, according to Willis Towers Watson.

Healthcare equity: Programs that can improve your benefits plan

Experts discuss how HR leaders can strategize high-value, equitable healthcare plans for their employees.

How employers hope to contain rising healthcare costs

Organizations expect their healthcare costs to increase 5.2% in 2022, Willis Towers Watson finds.

Are you innovating with benefits? Submit to speak at our 2022 conference

The Health & Benefits Leadership Conference is accepting speaker proposals until July 30.

Number of the day: skipping medical care

Nearly half of Americans say they are foregoing healthcare due to medical costs. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

10 big lessons from HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Here are the key highlights from the virtual event.

4 ways the pandemic has already changed employer healthcare

Kaiser Family Foundation shared insights on healthcare spending and use during this week's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

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