How AI tech and virtual reality can help boost employee experience

In an increasingly competitive business environment, professionals are being pushed to improve on all fronts. Customers continue to demand more convenient and customized care, the job market is dominated by experienced college graduates and established individuals alike, and technology is constantly evolving—there simply is no time to falter in resolve or skill. In a global economy with employee and customer pools that are no longer confined to physical borders, employees must utilize every tool at their disposal to thrive. Smart employers will do everything they can to support this growth, and AI technology and virtual reality training solutions are quickly becoming indispensable in the quest to create a personalized employee experience designed to promote success.

The Importance of a Personalized Employee Experience

The employee experience is no longer a “one size fits all” option. In fact, it is quickly becoming vital to create an environment tailored to specific employees in order to not only optimize their productivity but to keep them happy in their positions. The latter point is an often overlooked one, and it’s important to note that an increasing number of employees are willing to leave their current positions if they aren’t satisfied. And while the employee pool might not lack qualified candidates, routinely replacing employees can be quite expensive.

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A personalized employee experience caters to an individual employee’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to grow professionally and keeping them engaged with their work, both of which are quite important to the long term health of an organization.

AI and the Personalized Experience

While the above might sound good in theory, there are practical limitations to offering a highly customized experience to all employees. The solution to many of these concerns is AI technology. Instead of attempting to have a single project manager or team leader spend all of their time interviewing their team members and plotting out employee goals and achievements by hand, consider allowing AI and machine learning to predict and promote talent strengths, weaknesses and improvement.

AI can be used to make the employee experience in general and HR, in particular, more “human” by offering analytic tools designed to promote active listening and predictive responses. This allows a skilled HR team the chance to note any potential trouble on the horizon and reach out to employees directly with concrete data about how to best help them succeed. Talent retention stands to benefit greatly from AI as it streamlines the employee experience, too, by offering personalized learning solutions and schedules developed for individuals rather than the crowd.

With employee engagement spiraling across the board, keeping employees invested in their work is proving to be a difficult endeavor. AI can help here, too, as it tailors the machine learning process to fit specific personality and learning needs. This, in turn, gives professionals the best environment possible to grow and thrive. This customized learning and growth experience will only become more important as millennials and younger generations with different ideas about what training should look like continue to dominate the job market.

Additionally, pairing AI technology with virtual reality training solutions allows employers to offer their workforce an even more potent experience that optimizes employee knowledge gain per hour of training. Moreover, virtual reality (VR) is increasingly becoming popular as an advanced technological solution for organizations. It has been used for learning, employee development and onboarding new team members to enable a personalized experience through the lenses of technology.

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As the workforce, including talent retention and engagement, continues to evolve, it is increasingly important to provide employees with an experience tailored to their needs, their wants and their personalities. Invest in employees’ development and keep them engaged via the implementation of AI technology designed to learn about employees and how they can best be supported.

Tyrone Smith Jr. of Udemy
Tyrone Smith Jr.
Author and speaker Tyrone Smith Jr. is the global director, head of people analytics and insights, at Udemy. He is also a self-proclaimed people analytics and future of work enthusiast, innovator and strategist.