HRE Survey: What’s keeping you up at night?

Share your thoughts on HR’s biggest pain points in HRE’s annual survey.
By: | December 16, 2019 • 2 min read

From recruiting to retention and from AI to #MeToo, the concerns weighing on the minds of HR executives are varied—and seemingly growing. To shed light on the issues presenting the biggest challenges to today’s HR leaders—and to assist in the effort to find solutions to them—Human Resource Executive® is asking readers to share their feedback in our annual What’s Keeping HR Up at Night? survey.

The online poll takes about five minutes to complete and covers topics including: HR challenges, steps organizations are taking to remedy those issues, staffing and stress levels in HR organizations and overall HR effectiveness. Participants will be given the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of the study’s findings. An analysis, along with comprehensive reporting about potential solutions, will also be featured in an upcoming issue of HRE, as well as online throughout the year.

Last year’s survey revealed a number of key insights: For the first time, retaining key talent in a recovered economy ranked as the top concern of HR executives, sharing that spot with enhancing employee engagement and productivity. Other top concerns were attracting and retaining diverse talent, strengthening the employer brand and developing leaders. Also last year, HR executives cited growing worries about losing talent in the coming 12 months, with 72% saying they had a decent or high degree of concern, up from the previous year.

To add your voice to this year’s discussion and help shape the development of solutions to HR’s most pressing pain points, click here to take the survey.

Jen Colletta is managing editor at HRE. She earned bachelor's and master's degrees in writing from La Salle University in Philadelphia and spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter and editor before joining HRE. She can be reached at