HR tech news this week: July 12-16

Experts are watching to see if TikTok can help solve their hiring woes: An increasingly remote world and a hot job market are causing employers to embrace an out-of-the-box way to recruit workers: TikTok. Chipotle, Target, WWE, Shopify and other employers are partnering with a new feature on the social media platform to recruit potential workers. Read more.

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Bersin: These are the 6 areas to focus on for better EX: To say employee experience is complex is a dramatic understatement. And the speed with which it’s emerged as a priority for HR and business leaders has sown uncertainty. Get a group of HR leaders together and I guarantee you wouldn’t get agreement on the very definition of EX, let alone on what to do to drive higher employee engagement, foster more productivity and performance, and ultimately enable improved outcomes. Read more.

HR Tech Number of the Day: remote tools: A new report finds that employers have considerable work to do to make their remote-enabling tools effective. Software tools that aim to promote collaboration and information-sharing across distributed teams will likely be central to remote and hybrid work arrangements, but according to a new survey, designers of these new workplaces need to pay closer attention to how employees are actually leveraging tech for success. Read more.

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‘Massive shift’ in HR leaders’ top 5 priorities for 2021: Forget digital transformation and developing next-generation leaders–mental health is now HR’s top priority. That’s according to new research out from Lyra Health, Boston University and Future Workplace, an advisory and membership organization that prepares HR leaders for the future of work. Read more.

HR Tech Conference 2021: What HR can learn from the Patriots: In the National Football League, the standard of success for the past two decades has been the New England Patriots so it stands to reason that an organization that has been so successful for so long is backed up by outstanding talent, smart leadership and, increasingly important, technology that helps enable their people to operate at their best. That’s why I am particularly excited about the upcoming session at HR Tech featuring Miranda Blaiklock, director of benefits, compensation and HRIS for the Patriots. Read more.

Why employee experience needs a ‘human’ approach reset: As more employees have moved from the 9-5 grind to a remote world during the pandemic, HR tech has had major impacts on how workers are getting the job done. No matter the job, it likely requires tech, said Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference, last week during a live Q&A titled “Improving the employee experience: The technology.” Now, he said, to leverage tech further, the question for HR is, ultimately, how does HR become more human at work? Read more.

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