7 award-winning HR tools demo at HR Tech

Not much can slow down HR tech innovation, even a pandemic. That’s the takeaway from the HR Technology Conference and Human Resource Executive’s Top HR Products keynote session.

And, in fact, the pandemic appears to have accelerated and finetuned the innovation happening this year in service of workplaces, employees and work overall. After more than 120 submissions, 70 demos, a short list of 38 products eventually narrowed to 16 winners, seven products (due to time constraints) were featured today during the afternoon keynote session at the virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition®.

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Wondering how to centralize job listings and internal gigs so you can tap into your organization’s talent? Oracle’s Opportunity Marketplace does just that, as companies work to remain nimble in uncertain economic times when hiring might not be an option.

“In today’s new workplace, business agility is key,” said Oracle’s Christine Yokoi. “Businesses need to quickly adapt and grow by finding new ways to meet short-term needs. Employees gain a sense of fulfillment by being able to raise their hand and support those needs. And, at the same time, they gain exposure and valuable experiences.”

Looking for the latest in reinvented, cloud-based, self-service payroll experience? ADP’s Next Gen Payroll offers a transparent, policy-based, global tool that allows HR practitioners model changes with just a few keystrokes.

“Some people might say that payroll isn’t sexy,” said ADP’s Cheryl Lewis. “But it’s the center of HR and there’s so much value an amazing payroll solution can bring to the table.”

Seeking a truly innovative approach to understanding, tracking and improving belonging after the racial unrest of this year? Pluto relies on Mad Libs-style storytelling to capture data from employees and pairs it with robust analytics and suggestions tools.

Adapting to the new “work-from-anywhere environment,” as iCIMS Vice President of Strategy Joe Essenfeld calls our lives post-pandemic, at least for now? The Microsoft Teams-iCIMS integration puts the hiring process right into the “flow of work,” which is the wave of the future, according to fellow keynoter Josh Bersin.

And watch this demo for a cute cameo from Brendan Cyrus’s wife and son (in his sharp, button-down shirt), driving home that iCIMS is living what it’s preaching about work-from-anywhere.

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Managing a distributed workflow through COVID diagnoses and employee safety worries? The remote workforce enablement tool from Paychex allows for simple communications and easy collaboration. With its mobile app, the tool also offers help with those tasks, cashflow management, compliance and more on a variety of devices.

Seeking options to improve and manage employee experience? The Workday People Experience seeks to override clunky systems for employees with a “personalized, helpful, frictionless” tool that’s built for the people that use it.

Looking to reinvent jobs at your organization? Willis Towers Watson’s WorkVue tools offers dynamic modeling and thousands of job descriptions for a truly innovative approach to rethinking your workforce.

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