10 best places to work in 2020

With historically low unemployment, employers across the nation are aiming to recruit and retain top talent to help their businesses grow. Some employers, of course, are doing a better job than others.

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Now in its 12th edition, Glassdoor’s 2020 “Best Places to Work” list is based on employee-submitted reviews collected between Oct. 23, 2018, and Oct. 21, 2019. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews within the past year and must employ 1,000 or more workers.

“This year marks the shift to a culture-first decade in the workplace. Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards winners are employers that are prioritizing culture, mission and employees at the heart of everything they do. In turn, their employees have spoken and are recognizing them truly as the Best Places to Work in 2020,”  said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor president, chief operating officer and incoming chief executive officer. “In addition to putting culture and mission at the core of how they operate, this year’s winners stand out for promoting transparency with employees, offering career growth opportunities and providing work driven by impact and purpose. Congratulations go to all of the exceptional employers this year who stand out in the eyes of their employees.”

Employee rankings are based on a five-point scale ranging from very dissatisfied (1.0) to very satisfied (5.0). Actual calculations extend beyond the thousandth decimal place.

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#10 Southwest Airlines ‡’

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